Ways to Give

A culture of giving begins with us. Every contribution makes a difference. Together, let’s live local, give local, and make a difference close to home.

Interested in supporting Spur Local? Donate to our organization or learn more about sponsoring/partnering with us.

Give Online

Browse Spur Local’s network of nonprofit partners by issue area, location, communities served, and more. You can give to one or more organizations directly through this website by adding them to your Giving Cart, as well as giving to Spur Local itself. We charge no administrative fees to distribute your donation to the nonprofits you choose.

Dedicate Your Gift

When you donate through Spur Local, you can also dedicate your gift in honor or memory of a loved one. Use our dedication option at checkout and we’ll let your honoree know you were thinking of them!

To dedicate your gift:

  • Select the nonprofit you wish to support
  • Click “Donate”
  • At the Secure Checkout page, in the “Dedication” box, write the name of the organization or individual to whom you wish to dedicate your gift.
  • Click “Add to Cart”
  • You will then be prompted to complete optional information so that we may notify someone of your designation.

Make a Recurring Gift

If giving once feels good, giving regularly feels great! Use our recurring gift option at checkout to set up automatic contributions to the nonprofits you love.

To make a recurring gift:

  • Select the nonprofit you wish to support
  • Click “Donate”
  • At the Secure Checkout page, select the frequency of the donations you wish to make: One-time, Monthly (12 donations a year), or Quarterly (4 donations a year, made every 3 months from your initial donation)
  • Click “Add to Cart”
  • For your recurring donations, your credit card will show a donation to Spur Local, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Spur Local (doing business as, and formerly, Catalogue for Philanthropy) accepts the entire amount of your gift as an agent for the charity you have designated and will distribute all donated funds to them.
  • As a reference, the exact wording on your credit card statement will be: SPURLOCAL. For credit card payments via PayPal, it will be: PAYPAL *SPURLOCAL.

If you have made a recurring gift and would like to cancel or make changes to it, please email us at donations@spurlocal.org and someone will reach out to assist you.

Purchase a Gift Card

When you purchase a gift card—in amounts of $25, $50, $100, and up—we will send it to you/your recipient either as an e-card or as a physical card in beautiful packaging, along with instructions about how to visit the Spur Local website and choose the nonprofit(s) to support.

Purchase a Gift Card

How to redeem your gift card:

  • Using Express Checkout: Choose your nonprofit recipient and add the amount of the gift card as your donation. At the end of the process, choose “Pay by Spur Local Gift Card” and enter the redemption code on the back of your card.
  • Using Our Gift Cart: Add your selected nonprofit to the gift cart, enter the amount, proceed to checkout, click “Redeeming a Gift Card,” and enter the redemption code on the back of your card.

Please note that gift cards do not have declining balances. You must spend your entire card in one session. Enjoy!

Mail a Check

You can donate to Spur Local and/or our partners via check. You can mail your check to 80 M St SE, Ste 100, Washington, DC, 20003. If you want to write one check but have the funds go to multiple nonprofits, please include a note informing Spur Local what nonprofits to disburse the funds to as part of your gift. Checks, regardless if for Spur Local or our partners, should be made out to "Spur Local".

Send an Electronic Transfer

You can also make a donation via ACH or wire transfer. Please contact Elyse Nelson, Deputy Director, for more information on how to initiate a gift, or to receive our banking information.

Make a Gift from Your Donor-Advised Fund

Recommending a gift to Spur Local or our partners from your donor-advised fund (DAF) is a quick and easy wat to support one or more nonprofit organizations. Simply contact your financial institution and provide the following information: Spur Local, 80 M St SE, Ste 100, Washington, DC, 20003, EIN: 20-5494704.

You may tell us which nonprofit(s) you wish to support with your gift by listing their names in the grant purpose field. If your DAF requires additional paperwork or information, or if you have additional questions, please reach out to Elyse Nelson, Deputy Director, or call 202-838-3015.

Donate Stock

Donating appreciated securities can be a tax-wise way to conduct your giving. Charles Schwab handles gifts of stock for donors to Spur Local and our nonprofit partners. The first step is to send a Letter of Authorization to your broker and email a copy to our team.

Spur Local charges no fee for this service, but our broker may charge a fee, which will be deducted from the total amount raised by the sale of securities.

Your contribution of stock through Spur Local is deductible (according to IRS tax laws) in the calendar year in which the donation is made. Please contact your tax adviser for more information.

If you have any questions, call our office at (202) 838-3015 or email us.

Show Your Generosity on GivingTuesday

Spur Local leads the annual GivingTuesday campaign—a global day of generosity—for the Greater Washington region, Give Local Together. All Spur Local nonprofit partners can participate in this community campaign via our free and customizable campaign platform. Since 2020, Give Local Together has raised more than $1 million for 200+ nonprofits annually around GivingTuesday.