Ways to Give

A culture of giving begins with you. Our vision is to transform the Greater Washington community -- turning watchers into doers, and bystanders into givers -- and make it a better place to live, for everyone.

Give to the Catalogue for Philanthropy

If you believe in what we’re doing—making “give where you live” a meaningful reality—then join the movement! Consider making a gift to the Catalogue. We donít charge our nonprofits to apply or be featured, nor do we charge administrative or processing fees to handle donations. We raise funds separately and are supported by a community of individuals, foundations, and corporate sponsors. And maybe by you!

Give to Catalogue for Philanthropy Charities

Browse our nonprofits by cause, region, or population served, and give generously—online at this site, or by check, by phone, or by making a gift of appreciated stock: click contact and we will be glad to help you!

Become a Volunteer

Check out our nonprofit events and volunteer opportunities. Click the “volunteer” link on any charity’s page, or visit the Volunteer section of our site. Our new Search and Match program lets you choose the category that interests you (youth education? arts? basic needs?), the location (DC, MD. VA), the time you want to volunteer (during work, after school/work, on the weekends), and your cohort (me, my family, my team). Then check out your results and communicate directly with the volunteer coordinator, right from our site!

Get Your Colleagues Involved

The Catalogue offers a number of ways to get your organization involved in philanthropy, whether through gift cards for your colleagues or employees, or a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Check out our Corporate Giving Page to learn more.

Spread the Word

Let your friends know about the Catalogue so they can give where they live and know that that their contributions will make a difference. Become a friend of the Catalogue on Facebook, share the news of your contributions on Twitter, or meet us on LinkedIn. Spread the word!