General Information

  • Volunteer Opportunities / Responsibilities: Teaching Mentors: Work with a small group of 5th-8th grade students using a provided curriculum for an entire school year. Once a week commitment on Monday, Tuesday, OR Thursday evenings (6:00pm- 8:00pm).

    Study Hall Aides: Assist students with daily homework assignments anytime Monday, Tuesday, OR Thursday between the hours of 3:30pm- 6:00pm.

    Guest Speaker Series: The purpose of these guest presentations is to provide structured time for our scholars during periods of the year when our college mentors are on break and we experience a dip in mentor attendance. On the day of your presentation, there may be anywhere from 10-20 scholars participating in your session instead of their usual mentoring session. Your presentation should be delivered in an interactive lecture or activity format, getting scholars thinking above and beyond. Topics have ranged from exciting travel, to careers, to science experiments, to panel Q&A’s. We can work with you to find a topic that would be a good fit for you and our scholars.

    Dates/Time: Please contact us for exact dates available in December, January, and March 5th-16th. (6:00pm - 8:00pm)

  • Types of Volunteers Needed: individual/adult; adult groups of less than 5; individual/high school; adult groups of 6 or more, including corporate teams; adult groups of 6 or more, including corporate teams
  • Hours Needed: evenings during the week