DC Appleseed

The Framers' View of the Nation's Capital
Mon Feb 13 2012, The Washignton Post  
DC Appleseed Executive Director Walter Smith clarifies the Framers' view of the relationship between Congress and the District.

DC backsliding in efforts to fight AIDS, study finds
Tue Mar 8 2011, The Washington Post  
DC Appleseed released a report indicating that the District is falling behind in its efforts to combat AIDS.

The District Falls Short In HIV/AIDS Education
Tue Mar 8 2011, WAMU  
A new report says the District isn't doing enough to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

From D.C. community leaders, a to-do list for Mayor Gray
Thu Dec 30 2010, The Washington Post  
DC Appleseed Executive Director Walter Smith urges Mayor Gray to enlist the federal government to address DC's infrastructure needs.

One More Question for the Candidates
Fri Jun 11 2010, The Washington Post  
What are the candidates' plans for reducing the unacceptably high rate of poverty in our city?

Walter Smith calls on Federal Government to pay WASA Stormwater Service Fee
Thu Jun 3 2010, WAMU 88.5  

D.C. Voters to Decide on Election of Attorney General
Wed Jun 2 2010, The Washington Post  
District voters will decide in November whether the city's attorney general should be elected instead of appointed by the mayor.

Coalition to Pressure D.C. Officials Over Poverty
Thu Mar 25 2010, The Washington Post  
Several high-profile District organizations are working to hold the DC Council and the Mayor accountable for combating poverty in the city.

D.C. to be First U.S. City to Give Away Free Female Condoms to Fight HIV/AIDS
Sat Mar 6 2010, The Washington Post  
The District will become the first city in the United States to distribute female condoms free in parts of the city with high HIV rates.

Commentary with DC Appleseed Executive Director Walter Smith
Fri Jan 22 2010, WAMU 88.5  
Mr. Smith provides an assessment of DC's progress in confronting its HIV/AIDS epidemic.

A Switch to an Elected Attorney General Could Weaken the D.C. Office
Tue Jan 19 2010, The Washington Post  
Bad law can be made when officials lose sight of the big picture in reacting to the emotions of the moment. That's what we fear will ....

Report Urges Separation for UDC's 2-year College
Fri Nov 20 2009, The Washington Post  
An independent report contends that the new D.C. community college must be independent of UDC.

D.C. Health Reform in One Simple Step
Fri Oct 2 2009, The Washington Post  
The District has an opportunity right now to compel the area's largest health insurer to reduce premiums across the region.

DC to Offer STD Tests in Every High School
Wed Aug 5 2009  
DC Appleseed praises the District's latest public health initiative to offer tests in high schools.

DC Report Card On AIDS Shows Some Improvement
Wed Aug 5 2009  
DC Appleseed has just released its latest report card "grading" the District's response to its HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Mayor will Press for Stimulus Money
Fri Dec 12 2008  
D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty plans to press federal officials for money for the District from the economic stimulus package that President-elect Barack Obama and federal lawmakers are discussing. (DC Appleseed recently prepared a report, "Building The Best Capital City in the World" that is helping with these efforts.)

In D.C., Accountability, Not an 'Assault'
Sat Nov 8 2008  
The Oct. 18 editorial "Assault on a Health Insurer" criticized D.C. Council legislation designed to hold CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield accountable to the public. The editorial said that the legislation would force CareFirst "to dip into its coffers to fund the philanthropic priorities of D.C. officials" and "take money" away from subscribers to "satisfy the government's notions of public good." This is not accurate.

Report Faults District's HIV/AIDS Awareness
Wed Sep 24 2008  
The District government has improved its performance this year in battling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but the mayor needs to strengthen the city's public awareness campaign to combat one of the nation's highest infection rates, according to a report to be released today by a prominent advocacy group.

Why Washington Needs A Community College
Sun Jul 6 2008  
Our nation's capital needs a resource that every large city except Washington has: a community college. Community colleges provide training for "middle skill" jobs -- those that require less than a four-year degree but more than a high school diploma.

District Sues CareFirst, Says Provider Must Donate Millions
Wed Jun 25 2008  
The District government hit the region's largest health insurance provider on two fronts yesterday, launching a subpoena-powered investigation and a lawsuit that asserts the nonprofit organization is obligated to donate millions to the community.

For a decade, authorities in the District and Maryland have criticized CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield for hoarding its annual surpluses despite its federal charter as a "charitable and benevolent institution."

New Talk of DC Community College
Sat Jun 7 2008  
A group of District leaders is calling for the creation of a community college to provide job training for city residents.

It's not a new idea. Various commissions have recommended it over the past few decades, but there has never been the political will -- or money -- to make it happen. This time, in an effort led by the Brookings Institution, the D.C. Appleseed Center for Law and Justice and the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute, a group of civic leaders hope the timing might be right.

Officials at the city's public college, the University of the District of Columbia, say they hope to play a major role. "It's one of our top priorities now," said James W. Dyke Jr., the UDC board chairman.