We are Truly Grateful!

We asked you to help us meet a $40,000 challenge grant and generate $80,000. You did much more than that.

We met our challenge grant goal – and blew right past it!.

In a record year-end drive to raise funds for the Catalogue’s critical work –

  • Presenting some of the best local community-based nonprofits online, digitally, and in print;
  • Helping them raise funds for the essential work they do in the most challenging of times, including over $7 million last year alone;
  • Strengthening them with free skill-building workshops; and
  • Bringing their leaders together for mutual support that creates community in the midst of isolation

you helped us raise not $40,000, but more than $77,000, generating a total of $117,000 for the Catalogue.

So, thank you for the support that makes all this possible. You rose to the occasion and we are immensely grateful for that … and for you!

Here’s to a better, healthier, more equitable, more just New Year, something that all of us together can work to create.

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