Our In-Kind Supporters

The Catalogue for Philanthropy does its work at no cost to donors or charities. There is no fee to apply, be featured, or be a member of our nonprofit network. And when donors give through the Catalogue, the percentage we charge for distribution of their gifts is 0%. We rely not only on the generosity of our financial sponsors to do this, but also on the support of our wonderful group of in-kind supporters. From providing us to office space, to helping us pull off our Inspiration to Action event each year, to helping us get the word out about our nonprofits through various media channels, our in-kind supporters are essential to making what we do possible.

360 Live Media, Don Neal
ABC 7/NewsChannel 8, Dan Mellon and Shamia Holloway
Harman Family Foundation
NBC News 4, Erika Gonzalez and Donna Weston
Orange Barrel Media, Toi Vivo
Raffa, PC
RSVP Catering
Shakespeare Theatre Company at the Harman Center for the Arts