In Series/Latin American Youth Center Collaboration

Youth Art Transforms the Wall into a Bridge

The In Series is pleased to announce our first-ever collaboration with the Latin American Youth Center!

Under the guidance of muralist Luis Peralta and painter Sarah Craft, young participants in the LAYC after-school arts programs will give voice to their experiences with and feelings about immigration by designing and painting the border-wall set piece of our upcoming production of "La Paloma at the Wall." We feel strongly about the benefits of this partnership, the first of which is to diversify the views expressed in our work by including the voice and opinions of Latino Youth. The second is to offer to these young people an opportunity to express themselves in a time-tested public forum to an audience that is unfamiliar with their experience. We're thrilled at the prospect of introducing our corps of volunteers, their families, their instructors, and their support systems to the breadth of expression available to them through opera while challenging our audiences to broaden their understanding of the power and reach of the art form.

Planning sessions are in the works for February, and painting will begin on March 8th and continue through March 15th. Participating youth will receive instruction from our teaching artists in addition to what is offered by the LAYC, community service hours for the time they spend planning and painting, meals at work sessions, free tickets to the performances (March 23-31 at GALA Hispanic Theatre), personal artist profiles on our media accounts, and opportunities to display their works at our events. We will also be exhibiting the seven sections of the 25-foot wall in public spaces around the city once the production closes to celebrate and honor the work of the young artists.

Donations of any size support the efforts of the teaching artists throughout the project - from the first planning discussions to the installation of their inspired work on the GALA stage - and enable the instruction of youth on mural and street art history, the purpose and power of opera, and painting and other mural techniques. The result of your generosity will be a stunning, unique work that represents the ability of opera to transcend age, ethnicity, and language and to bring together all the arts in a celebration of the human spirit.

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