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Free Minds member Gerald with his favorite books that he read while incarcerated
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Free Minds member Ira in the office with a list of favorite books

A Book Club for Youth in Federal Prison

In DC, children as young as 16 can be sentenced as adults and incarcerated in the DC jail. Because DC does not have its own prison, these youths will be transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons when they turn 18. They serve the majority of their sentences in federal prisons in other states, isolated from their family and friends, and from the community they will be returning to.

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop uses books and creative writing to empower incarcerated youth to transform their lives. Before joining Free Minds, most read below their grade level and many have never read a book before. Free Minds runs a long-distance correspondence-based book club called "Books Across the Miles," sending books, newsletters, and feedback on their poetry.

"The books you send show me another world and make me look forward to living a good life when I come home. You changed my way of thinking." - DeAngelo, in a letter from federal prison

The recidivism rate for members is only 10% compared to the national average of 76%. Books and writing have the power to change lives. Your gift will give a young man in federal prison a second chance.

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Contact Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop:
Tara Libert
Executive Director

    2201 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20037


Our Wishlist

6 months of books for a young man in federal prison

A year of books for a young man in federal prison

One book club selection for 50 young men in federal prison