Eastern Automotive Group & Fox 5 DC visit Nourish Now, share our story and mission, and donate turkeys and pies to our Thanksgiving projects for 2018.

Year End Giving with Nourish Now

Join us on the road to 2 million pounds of food recovered and donated!

In Montgomery County, an estimated 70,000 people struggle to get enough food to eat. Yet more than 50 million pounds of food are wasted in the county each year. To some, this is a tragedy; to Nourish Now, it is an opportunity. Rescuing unused, fresh food from over 100 licensed food providers – restaurants, caterers, distributors – Nourish Now donates it directly to people in need and to more than 50 food assistance organizations. Every month, 700 families receive prepared meals, produce, bread, and dairy products, along with supplemental canned goods that have been donated by local food drives. For nonprofit partners, the benefits are two-fold: they save money because foods are provided free of charge, and their clients receive fresh goods – generally much healthier than processed foods. The bonus for everyone? Instead of packing our landfills, this good food nourishes our neighbors. It’s a winning partnership all around … that you can join.

About the Catalogue for Philanthropy:   The Catalogue selected us as one of its featured nonprofits! Each year 120 expert reviewers evaluate applicants for distinction, merit, and impact. Each featured charity has been successfully site visited and its financials given the thumbs up. The Catalogue for Philanthropy charges no fees and raises funds separately to support its work. Since 2003, it has raised over $40 million for charities across Greater Washington. The Catalogue for Philanthropy looks to friends like you to keep our services independent and entirely free of charge. Consider a small contribution to the Catalogue to cap off your gift and help the causes you care about get the full support they deserve!

Contact Nourish Now:
Brett Meyers
Founder & Executive Director

    1111 Taft Street
Rockville, MD 20850


Our Wishlist

5-day supply of food for a family of 4-6

5,000 pounds or 3 days of Food Recovery

1 Week of Health Snacks for +300 Students At 5 Montgomery County Public Schools

Food Security Plan (5-day supply of food, once a month) For Family of 5 for One Year