FRN is coordinating its 3rd FRNdzy fundraiser! Between February 15th and April 15th, chapters across the country will be fundraising to help us reach our goal of $5,000.

This is our biggest chapter-focused fundraising initiative, and chapters get to keep half of the money they raise! #FRNdzy2017 funds can be used however the chapter would like--to host an event with their partner agency, to travel to our national conference (the National Food Recovery Dialogue) to have a thank-you event or get t-shirts for their volunteers.

The other half will be used to buy recovery materials for new chapters. Without these supplies, students cannot fight waste and feed people.

As the chapters will receive half the money they raise, please be sure to indicate which school should receive your donation.

FRN's Story:
In 2011, three University of Maryland students noticed a troubling paradox: campus dining halls were wasting nutritious food while community members were going hungry. The students began recovering surplus food and donating it to local hunger-fighting nonprofits, and Food Recovery Networks was born. Today, FRN is a national network of 201 chapters in 44 states that have donated more than 1.7 million pounds of food in just five years. From its headquarters at UMD in Prince George's County, staff provide one-on-one mentorship to all chapter leaders, empowering them as community change-agents and helping them develop professional skills in communications, volunteer management, community outreach, and more. The National Food Recovery Dialogue, a conference that engages hundreds of leaders, changes not only the trajectory of would-be-wasted food but also the conversation around food systems in America. Food Recovery Verified, the first program of its kind, recognizes businesses that donate surplus food to people in need instead of sending it to landfills. Building leaders, reducing waste, fighting hunger thats more than just food for thought.

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Contact Food Recovery Network:
Regina Northouse
Executive Director

    4321 Hartwick Road, Suite 316
College Park, MD 20740
(207) 838-4818


Our Wishlist

One thermometer (used to ensure food safety)

500 gloves (food safety)

One scale (used to weigh recovered food)

Cover the average cost of shipping

One cooler for carrying recovered food

Six reusable containers (for sustainable food recoveries)

Cover the cost of 100 pans

Cover the cost of 200 pans

Cover the cost of 300 pans

Provide start-up costs for one new chapter