MLI has helped more than 1,000 children walk again after suffering injuries from landmines.
Children like Yousef, who lost his leg in an explosion in Yemen when he was eight years old, are given prostheses so they can walk again, attend school, and regain hope for their future.
Areej lost her leg in a landmine explosion in 2016 when she was just 6 years old. Today, thanks to MLI's programs she is able to walk again with a prosthetic leg and has hope for the future.

Help a Landmine Survivor Walk Again & Regain Hope for their Future

The destruction caused by landmines doesn’t end when the bomb detonates and the debris settles. Those who survive are left with life-altering injuries. For children who are injured by landmines, their physical injuries are often more severe than adults, their emotional trauma greater, and their economic prospects significantly bleaker. The majority of child mine victims have little chance of receiving the prostheses or medical care they need, and therefore are unlikely to go to school, learn skills that could help them adapt to their new condition, or marry when they grow up. For adult mine victims, the challenges can be overwhelming, as well, and they typically have great difficulty finding employment and are unable to support themselves or their family members.

Therefore, MLI works to provide medical treatment, prostheses, and vocational education classes (sewing, beekeeping, computer training, carpentry, etc) to help landmine survivors and their families. This #GivingTuesday, every dollar donated to MLI will be used to provide high-quality prosthetic limbs and vocational training to landmine survivors, enabling them to walk again and regain hope for their future. Thank you for your support!

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Our Wishlist

Can provide supplies for a vocational training class for landmine survivors

Can provide mobility devices, like crutches, to a landmine survivor

Can provide a wheelchair to a landmine survivor

Can provide a silicone liner for a child's prosthetic limb

Can provide a prosthetic limb for a mine survivor