One of the only dedicated respite centers in DC, Joseph’s House supports very ill, unhoused people of color and members of the LGBTQ community with HIV/AIDS or terminal cancer — offering companionship and honoring their dignity. Every year, it welcomes 20-25 individuals from shelters, clinics, prisons, and hospitals, providing each with holistic, 24-hour care: emotional and spiritual nourishment, medical case management, home-cooked meals, and personal care services. Residents who regain their health receive support on the path to financial and housing stability. Those with terminal illnesses receive the love and care of staff. Joseph's House neither charges for services nor bills insurance, promoting justice for residents who experience wide health disparities in a city with some of the nation’s highest rates of HIV infection and homelessness. For all who come through its doors, Joseph's House offers a home — and a community.

Headquarters: DC-Ward 1

Where They Operate: DC-Citywide

Age Groups Served: Adult (25-49); Seniors (50+)

Ethnic Groups Served: African American; Asian American; Caucasian; Latino/Hispanic; Other

Population(s) Served: Individuals who identify as LGBTQ; Individuals living with HIV/AIDs; Low- to Moderate-Income Community Members; Men/Boys; Women/Girls; HIV/AIDs; Low- to Moderate-Income Community Members

Awards & Recognition

Catalogue for Philanthropy - One of the Best 2015-2016
Winner, Make DC Designing Dreams competition, 2014
United Way/NCA Do More 24, Most Funds Raised, 2014


  • The House that Love Built
    Thu Mar 1 2012, POZ  
    A poignant look inside this DC hospice, and the healing that it provides ...

  • Inside Joseph's House
    Tue Dec 2 2008  
    Here in Joseph's House, it is not unusual for death to play out in one room while life defiantly goes on in another. At the dining room table, the healthy pass biscuits to the unhealthy, and frail, slow hands clear place mats so that young, able ones won't have to. People die and then cookies are baked.

Budget (FY2023)

  • $3 million or higher
  • The current budget for Joseph's House is: $1 million to $3 million
  • $500k to $1 million
  • Less than $500k

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