Itís a tall order: boost studentsí academic achievement, heighten their environmental awareness, and encourage healthy eating Ė using just one program. REAL School Gardens is up to the task. Working with 480 teachers and 6,000 students at Title I elementary schools across Greater Washington, REAL School Gardens creates academically integrated outdoor classrooms and spends three years training teachers to use them effectively. These are more than just vegetable gardens: shaded classroom areas, ADA-compliant pathways, rainwater collection facilities, and numerous other educational and environmental features create hands-on classroom space for the entire school. A comprehensive teacher training program familiarizes educators with outdoor instruction and hands-on teaching techniques. The results? Greater teacher effectiveness and job satisfaction; 94% of teachers report an increase in student engagement; and pass rates on standardized tests in science increase by 12-15% at partner schools. Your support helps grow young bodies and minds.

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