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Feature of the Month: Gift Registry

Hope that you all had a good long weekend! So, do you have a fall wedding or anniversary coming up this month? Why not combine philanthropy and celebration with another cool Catalogue web feature: gift registries.

First, just create a Catalogue account. We talked about this last month, and it’s both free and simple. Once you’ve done that, browse our non-profits as much as you like. If a particular organization captures your interest, click the bolded “add to favorites” link at the bottom of their description (see below):

Once an organization is one of your “favorites,” you can add it to your Gift Registry:

Just keep adding non-profits in the same way and, once you have saved all your favorites, you can publish your registry: including a title, personal message, and easy-t0-share URL. And friends and family can make gifts to your chosen non-profits in celebration of your event. Moreover, if you would like visitors to your registry to consider specific wish list items from a certain non-profit, you can leave a comment on that non-profit’s page — which only your visitors will see. And you can update your registry at any time. Think of it as a celebratory way to customize the Catalogue site for your event:

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