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How Many Students Really Graduate From High School? (WAMU): “Now, for the first time, the federal government is requiring states to follow a standardized method. As a result, DC’s public school graduation rate could drop by about 20 percent under the new calculation, according to the office of the state superintendent [...] The new method, called the adjusted graduation cohort rate, requires states to follow every individual child from the ninth grade on until he or she walks across the stage to receive that diploma. It takes into account students who change schools and get held back.” A new State Longitudinal Education Database will track each DCPS student from kindergarten through 12th grade through a special identification number. Could a more accurate picture of graduation rates be a critical step towards improving them?

US to Fund “Pay For Success” Prevention Programs (The Nonprofit Quarterly): “The White House blog recently quietly announced that the federal government will invest up to $20 million in 2012 for ‘Pay for Success’ projects to provide preventative services for vulnerable populations through the Department of Justice and the Department of Labor.” For servicers and third party investors, “the larger impact they have on the outcome, the larger the repayment they will receive for their preventative services” in areas such as “criminal justice, homelessness, education, and workforce development. The notion is that by implementing preventative services, communities could reduce the need for special education, juvenile delinquency or teen pregnancy services and save more money in the long run.” Questions about the pilot program? Get in touch with Mary Wiggins at the Office of Management & Budget.

Prince George’s takes first step toward year-round schooling (Washington Post: Maryland Schools Insider): “Prince George’s County Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. wants to add year-round calendars to his arsenal to turn around underperforming schools. Hite asked the Prince George?s County House delegation to support legislation that gives the district the authority to create year-round calendars for certain school;” the measure has passed the delegation with a strong majority and will now move on to the General Assembly. Dr. Hite says that the option would be applied, for example, to six county middle schools that fall in the lowest five percent of district schools. Do you have experience with year-round schooling and how can it improve academic performance?

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