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Feature of the Month: Happenings

Making plans with friends or looking to meet some new people? Check out the “Happenings” section of the Catalogue homepage:


When one of our nonprofits uploads a news story or press item, you always can find it under the NEWS tab. This month, you can see Women Thrive Worldwide featured in The Hill and on the The Jim Bohannon Show and Heart of America Foundation in the Journal Gazette.

Same deal for the EVENTS tab! This is where you find all events from all our nonprofits, organized by date. We also do a handy events recap for weekend happenings right here on the GoodWorks blog. Coming up this Wednesday, for example, are “Life After Diagnosis” sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Family Day Center and a Dream Booster Tour at Bright Beginnings.

Finally, are you interested in getting involved? Click the VOLUNTEER Opportunities tab, which just pulls up events that are in need of some willing volunteers, also sorted by date. This coming Thursday, as it happens, Anacostia Watershed Society needs some help with wetland meadow site prep in Hyattsville.

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