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7 Questions – Lucy Bowen McCauley (Bowen McCauley Dance)

Happy Tuesday, folks! Moreover, happy first day of winter!

Today on “7 Questions,” we’re leaping into the dance world to meet … Lucy Bowen McCauley, Artistic Director of Bowen McCauley Dance. Soon to celebrate its 15th anniversary, BMD is known for its live music, talented corps of dancers, and their diverse selection of performances, workshops, and community outreach.

1. What was your most interesting recent project, initiative, partnership, or event?

In July 2010, Bowen McCauley Dance (BMD) spent four days in residence at the Wintergreen Music Festival where we performed two full-length evening concerts on the main stage to wild audience approval and standing ovations. The theme of the Festival was Vienna and I was commissioned to choreograph a new work to music by Austrian composer Wolfgang Sierel, with whom I was able to connect for many hours at the Festival. As further examples of the synergism that occurs in a festival setting I also met and became friends with former US Poet Laureate Rita Dove and Festival Director and composer Larry Alan Smith, who have become new artistic partners.

2. What else are you up to?

I am currently putting together a dance concert featuring the music of living American composers, which will all be performed live (with the composers in attendance) at BMD?s 15th Anniversary Gala at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater on March 26, 2011. The concert will include exciting guest artists from the dance world and two world premiere pieces. The major new 25 minute long company piece is called Ozone.

3. Is there a moment, person, or event that inspired you to do this particular work?

The inspiration for Ozone is a poem by Rita Dove. Larry Alan Smith is composing music for cello, flute and voice for this new work.

4. Who is your hero in the nonprofit/philanthropy world?

I admire Barbara Harman?s enormous creative vision, brains and energy. She is constantly doing good, very connected and out in the community in a very hands on way. She also writes incredibly well … the best darn thank you letter you?ll ever receive!

5. What is the single greatest (and non-financial) challenge to the work that you do every day?

The demands on an Artistic Director who is also a resident choreographer are mind-boggling. Besides wanting and needing many hours every week for the artistic tasks of listening to music, planning programs, choreographing new works and directing BMD, I am also the face of BMD in the community. I teach, run outreach programs, meet with donors, and am on numerous committees. It is a constant juggling act to fit everything in and to manage all of my artistic and administrative responsibilities.

6. What advice do you have for other people who want to work in your field?

It takes more determination, endurance, and commitment than you can imagine. Be sure to surround yourself with wonderfully helpful people, especially supportive friends and family.

7. What’s next?

BMD?s 15th Anniversary Blow Out show at the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater on March 26! Besides the artists mentioned above, the program will bring back past BMD performers, Elisa Clark from the Mark Morris Dance Group and Marc Giragosian from the Joffrey Ballet.

EXTRA:?If you could have a power breakfast with any three people (living, dead, or fictional) who would they be?

John Irving, writer

Elvis Costello, musician

Judith Jamison, dancer

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