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Feature of the Month: Create an Account

Hope that you enjoyed the fall weather this weekend! This month, let’s check out another cool feature of the online Catalogue: creating your own Catalogue account.

We’ve kept it nice and simple: you can sign up in one quick step (really — I just checked!) and you can let us know what interests you.?Moreover, when you sign up, you have access to some great features of our site:

Saved Favorites: create a list of your favorite Catalogue nonprofits, so you easily can check back for opportunities to volunteer or donate.

My Catalogue: print your own catalogue of the nonprofits that interest you most.

Donation History: track up to three years of donations (we’ll archive the rest), so you have an easy record for tax and personal purposes.

Especially for Kids: check out our list of charities that are particularly cool for kids — from those working to save the environment to those giving kids access to dance and theater. Kids can also pick their favorite nonprofits and make their own Catalogue.

So sign up and start exploring!

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