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Feature of the Month: E-Links

Welcome to mid-November! Just one week ago today, we introduced you to our new class of Catalogue nonprofits. So now, we’d like to show how you can learn even more about them online.

First, head to the “Our Nonprofits” section of the Catalogue homepage and click on any of the five categories. Let’s go with “Nature.” From there, let’s get to know one of our new organizations: Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment. And if you scroll down on ACE’s page, you will see this menu:






Interested in volunteering? Click the “Volunteer” link and a window will pop right up with the contact information for ACE’s program manager, descriptions of typical projects, any training requirements (none here!), and a list of upcoming opportunities.

Curious about media coverage? Click the “Media” link to see recent articles or programming about ACE; and click “View Video” to connect right to ACE’s YouTube channel.

Want more info? Click “Learn More” to do just that. In this case, you can see schools with which ACE collaborates (Arlington County public) and their combined federal campaign number, among other items.

In sum: our site offers myriad ways for you to connect with our nonprofits. So start exploring!

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