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Growing Up LGBT

The Human Rights Campaign has published “a groundbreaking survey of more than 10,000 LGBT-identified youth ages 13-17,” delving both into their present challenges and expectations for the future:

With an increase in public awareness about anti-LGBT bullying and harassment and the strikingly high number of LGBT youth who are homeless, in foster care, or living in high-risk situations, it is critical that we get a better understanding of the experiences, needs, and concerns of LGBT youth.

[...] They find safe havens among their peers, online and in their schools. They remain optimistic and believe things will get better. Nevertheless, the findings are a call to action for all adults who want ensure that young people can thrive.

Among the key statistics and findings:

Read the full Growing Up LGBT in America report from HRC here.

And learn about Catalogue nonprofit Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (SMYAL) this way.

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