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Millennial Week DC

This week Washington DC is host to its first annual Millennial Week. With a focus on highlighting the impact of the largest, most diverse generation in the United States (approximately 92 million in the United States, 1.8 billion globally) Millennial Week DC looks to cultivate, promote and present meaningful ideas and trends that reflect this generation.

In Thursday’s Washington Post, Caitlin Gibson explores Millennial Week DC, the negative stereotypes normally associated with this generation, and the steps they are taking to overcome them. While many label this generation as entitled, selfish, or uncharitable, the truth is that millennials are significant givers, of both time AND money. A recent study from Blackbaud shows that more than 60 percent of millennials donated an average of $481 per year across 3.3 charities. This generation, unlike others, wants more from the groups to which they give. They want to feel like they are part of the solution, whether as donors, volunteers or brand ambassadors. As nonprofits, we must be ready to engage them in these ways.

At the Catalogue for Philanthropy, we’re inspired by millennials and the way that they approach charitable giving and volunteerism. They challenge us to think bigger, be bolder, and meet their rising expectations for real-time information, rewards, and results (expectations which have been set largely thanks to the ever-present and emerging digital landscape). During 2014-2015, a main goal for the Catalogue is to expand our involvement with millennials, and we have exciting events, partnerships and campaigns in the works to do this…stay tuned!

Are you a millennial who wants to get more involved with the Catalogue? We’d love to hear your ideas! Contact us at

At Millennial Week DC, working to improve a generation’s image, one selfie at a time – Caitlin Gibson, Washington Post


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