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Giving Today?

Still deciding about year-end giving? First, check out our “How To Give” section:

- You can donate easily to any Catalogue nonprofit or the Catalogue itself online. You can browse through the five nonprofit categories here and donate directly from any nonprofit’s page as you go.

- Just as easily, you can download a Giving Form here, make a list of charities and contribution amounts, and send one check to us. We’ll handle the rest!

Second, a good way to learn what your donation will mean to a particular nonprofit is to check out the Wish List:

- At Montgomery Countryside Alliance, $100 covers two Agricultural Reserve tours for elected officials and $500 covers 1 year of action alert emails.

- For Educacion Para Nuestro Futuro, $500 buys 10 textbooks for children learning English and $1000 provides a university field trip for 10 college-bound students and their parents.

- Or for Partner for Surgery, $100 buys transportation and care for two patients post-surgery and $500 covers pre-surgical nutrition support for children with cleft palates.

In other words, gifts of all sizes can make a major difference for these high-impact nonprofits. So consider spending a part of New Year’s Eve day getting to know all of them and helping them better our communities. They are amazingly good at it!