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Non-profit and related news for your Wednesday morning …

Shattered Missouri City Digs Out – The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that “the twister in Missouri was one of 68 reported across seven Midwest states over the weekend … the Joplin disaster extended a season of tornadoes and flooding that has staggered communities in the country’s midsection from Minnesota to Mississippi.” We discussed several ways to help out (and follow the aftermath) yesterday, plus you can check out the Kansas City’s Star’s list and the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation‘s Facebook page.

Why I got arrested for DC voting rights — Check out this compelling Post opinion piece by Diane Bernstein of DC’s Diane and Norman Bernstein Foundation. She writes: “I am proud of my work over the past 40 years as a staff member, officer, founder or funder of organizations serving the District?s children and families … It is in part for District children that I now take action on behalf of democracy in the District.” To learn more about DC voting rights, you can also check out Catalogue non-profit DC Vote.

Aligning Impact and Energy — At Tactical Philanthropy, Sean Stannard-Stockton offers an interesting angle on the Pay for Success model (which we discussed last week as well). As he points out, “in the for-profit world, superior products and services generate more revenue — the fuel needed to make even better products and services … nonprofits don’t have that kind of alignment.” But if the government became the primary “customer” on behalf of the public, that could more closely align the work and the funding that it requires. What do you think?

NEA Now Offering Grants for Video Games — Just an interesting tidbit! As the International Film Channel (IFC) reports, the NEA “just announced … a revision to their submissions categories that allows for video game content to apply for grant money, with what was once The Arts on Radio and Television category now becoming The Arts in Media.” Needless to say, major video game manufacturers are not exactly eligible to apply — or likely interested in doing so. But perhaps this will encourage new and innovative designers who do not fit into the more well-known companies?

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