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Tufts U. Soothes the Financial Sting for Graduates Taking Nonprofit Jobs (Chronicle of Higher Education): “Tufts University is offering loan-repayment assistance to alumni of any of its undergraduate or graduate schools, or professional-degree programs, if they take on public-service or nonprofit careers [...] Based on their need and income, alumni can receive grants of $500 to $5,000 each year to use toward paying off student-loan balances.” Pretty cool! In addition to financial incentives, what other assistance could universities offer to enable and encourage graduates to try a non-profit career?

ARHA Accepts 1700 Applications For Limited Housing Spots (AlexandriaNews): “Some Alexandrians spent the night outside George Washington Middle School to be first in line Monday when the Alexandria Redevelopment Housing Authority opened its public housing and housing Choice waiting lists. [...] By 9:30 AM, there were about 250 people waiting to apply for these federally subsidized housing programs for low-income families. At the end of the first day, ARHA processed just over 1700 applications [...] By law, an ARHA must provide 75 percent of its voucher to applicants whose incomes do not exceed 30 percent of the area median income.” The waiting lists will be open through August 19. To learn more about supporting affordable housing options through Virginia-based non-profits, head this way.

A hopeful moment as new H.D. Woodson High School opens its doors (Washington Post via DCentric): “On Wednesday, District officials will cut the ribbon on a new $102 million Woodson, one bathed in natural light from expansive windows and a central atrium [...] Officials hope that when students begin classes August 22 after spending three years in temporary spaces [...] the new surroundings will help lift spirits and aspirations [...] The reborn Woodson in Ward 7 is part of a long-awaited renewal for public high schools east of the Anacostia River.” Wilson High School will also reopen this month after a major modernization project, and Janney Elementary School also experienced an overhaul. All these projects are part of a $1.8 billion reconstruction and modernization of DC school facilities.

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