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Catalogue First: Journalism

We always like to celebrate a “first ever” for Catalogue!

From the American Journalism Review (October 21, 2011):

Investigative reporting remains a major part of the mission for the mainstream media. But financial pressures have drastically reduced the watchdog capacity at many news organizations.

Nonprofit investigative outlets like ProPublica have jumped in to help plug the gap. But there’s still plenty of accountability reporting to be done.

That’s where the Fund for Investigative Journalism comes in. [...] FIJ has already doled out $118,000 worth of grants this year. That money went to 32 different projects, and there is still one more grant cycle before year’s end.

FIJ’s deeds aren’t going unrecognized. It’s the first journalism nonprofit to be selected by the Washington, DC-area Catalogue for Philanthropy for 2011-2012. The catalogue features carefully selected nonprofits. It is basically a “seal of approval” for area nonprofits and should help FIJ attract more donors, says Sandy Bergo, who became executive director of FIJ a year and a half ago.

And while not precisely a “first,” our eighth annual launch event — and with it, the introduction of every member of the newest class of Catalogue non-profits — is just two weeks away!

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