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Montgomery tries to spur affordable housing (Washington Post): “Over the next few months, county planning and housing officials will propose broad policy changes intended to improve the local housing market [...] Yet the county, which has seen year after year of budget shortfalls, also must deal with less funding. The housing department budget for the current fiscal year is 50 percent of what it was two years ago [...] The shift in county demographics, as well as the nationwide foreclosure crisis a few years ago, has led to increased demand for affordable housing, county officials said.” You can learn more about Catalogue nonprofits focused on housing and homelessness in Maryland right here.

Charities get last-minute boost from donors (CNN Money): “ giving in December is already up 15% from 2010, according to the latest tally by Network for Good [...] But the best is yet to come. While one-third of all online giving for the year occurs in December, a whopping 22% happens in the last two days of the year, according to Network for Good’s online giving study [...] Total charitable contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations increased slightly in 2010 to $290.9 billion, but remained below 2007′s $310.6 billion, according to Giving USA.” For nonprofits, do these numbers seem right to you? Did this year represent an improvement over the prior year?

Philanthropy students will learn about giving back (Bennington Banner): “A new Southern Vermont College class will give students first-hand experience with nonprofit funding by giving them the responsibility to award competitive grants to area organizations [...] Students who take Jeb Gorham’s “Philanthropy: Investing in the Community” course this spring will determine a need in the community, create grant criteria, advertise, review applications and award funds given by the Bank of Bennington [...] Students will also learn how to interact with the local community and get an appreciation of the impact local giving can have on a community, Gorham said.” How cool is that? Essentially, this course will not only center on philanthropy, which of course plenty of classes do, but specifically on local, high-impact giving.

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