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14 percent of VA children live in poverty (WTOP): “The percentage of Virginia children living in poverty in 2010 was at its highest rate since 1998, an anti-poverty group reported Tuesday. The total number of children living in poverty totals nearly 265,000, or 14 percent of children under 18 in the state, Voices for Virginia’s Children said in a report to be presented to the General Assembly. While well below the US rate, the number in Virginia has increased steadily since the start of the economic downturn in 2007, when it was 12.9 percent, according to the report. In raw numbers, an additional 33,000 children are living in poverty.” You can learn more about Catalogue’s Children, Youth, and Families non-profits right here, twelve of which are based in Virginia.

In Maryland, a prescription for better health care (Washington Post Local): “Maryland is near the top of the national rankings in median household income, but the state’s great wealth does not equal good health for everyone. Instead, the state has troubling clusters of chronic disease, low-birth-weight babies and limited access to health care for those who lack the means to pay. Areas with large minority populations, including Prince George’s County, are especially hard-hit.” A new proposal, unveiled by Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, “urges lawmakers to create health-care zones, which would mimic economic-enterprise zones” and state and local governments offer tax incentives for medical professionals who establish practices in underserved areas. It also would monetary awards for communities or nonprofits that find innovative ways to improve the overall health of a community.

Video Trains Teachers To Talk LGBT Issues In Grammar School (WAMU): “The DC Council may once again take up legislation this year protecting gay and lesbian students from bullying. That legislation, which was introduced late in 2010 but was never passed in 2011, could come before the council once again this spring. At the same time, there is a new training film for teachers trying to address the problem in primary school. The children interviewed in the video, called “What Do You Know,” are sometimes hesitant, and often candid, as they talk about their own experiences with the word ‘gay.’” Created by Welcoming Schools, the 13-minute training video intends to train elementary school teachers on addressing LGBT issues in the classroom and protecting students from bullying.

Picturing DC’s Immigrant Population (DCentric via Immigration Policy Center): “The District’s immigrant population has been increasing over the past two decades, and these individuals constitute a diverse group. Just how diverse? Take a look at this newly-released graphic created by the Immigration Policy Center [...] Notable figures about DC’s immigrants: about 91 percent of children with immigrant parents are proficient in English, about 6 percent of DC’s workers are undocumented immigrants, and more than half of DC’s naturalized immigrants have a bachelor’s degree or higher.” Also, DC’s foreign university students contribute nearly $301 million to the local economy and 10.5% of voters are new citizens.

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