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DC schools with more low-income, academically troubled students should get more money, panel recommends (DC Schools Insider): “The 15-member [Public Education Finance Reform Commission] panel concluded its work last week with a series of recommendations to the Gray administration : add an additional “weight” to the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula so that schools receive more money for serving larger numbers of students who are both from low-income households.” The panel also recommended a year-long study on the real costs of “adequate” public education in DC to inform further funding revisions. The commission did not study the “appropriate role for the District in funding and/or finding buildings for charter schools,” although that was a key topic of conversation.

The High Cost of a Homelessness Surge (The Atlantic Cities): “Washington City Paper reported that the District of Columbia’s emergency family shelters — which provide homeless families a guaranteed place to stay during the coldest months of the year, from November through March — are overflowing. As a result, over 200 DC families are currently being housed in hotels instead of shelters. [...] Not only does this indicate the city has more homeless families than it can handle; it also means the city is spending a lot of money it would assuredly rather not squander DC’s experience is likely part of a much bigger national problem.” In sum, permanent housing options, emergency and otherwise, are in seriously short supply. You can learn more about Catalogue nonprofits focused on homelessness and housing here.

YouTube Offers Resources to Nonprofits to Build Their YouTube Profiles (Nonprofit Quarterly): “Worldwide video-sharing website YouTube is now making it easier for nonprofits to accomplish their mission. Through an initiative called YouTube Next Cause, nonprofits can promote their efforts and obtain one-on-one consulting and community engagement tips to grow their YouTube following.” According to the YouTube blog, “with 4 billion views a day, we want to make sure nonprofits have the tools they need to reach the global audience.” Applications are due on February 27 (this coming Monday) and can be found right here.

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