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Come Forward

In a Politico op-ed, “Violence against women is no ‘women’s issue’,” Women Thrive Worldwide co-founder & President Ritu Sharma writes:

This lesson has been learned by longtime activists, who have been battling this scourge that affects one in three women globally. Gender-based violence can take many forms: rape and assault used as weapons of war, domestic violence, acid burnings and female infanticide. The list is long.

But ending this violence has one common element: The men who are political leaders — village elders, pastors and mullahs, fathers, brothers, husbands and boyfriends — need to come forward and say stop. [...]

Enlisting men and boys on this issue has proved to lower the rates of violence against women. In fact, changing the attitudes that allow violence against women and girls to go unchecked requires that men be part of the change.

Women Thrive, founded in 1998 and part of Catalogue since 2004, brings together international, national, and local nonprofits to focus attention on women in developing countries and advocate for change in critical US international assistance and trade policies.

You also can learn about all Catalogue international nonprofits right here.

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