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Catalogue Milestones: 2012

By Marie LeBlanc, Community Partnerships Coordinator

After looking back over the past ten years, the Catalogue is excited to reflect on our last year (2012!) and the exciting accomplishments that we’ve seen in the past twelve months.

In 2012, the Catalogue counted over 100 individuals and 20 corporations as supporters of the Catalogue initiative — partners invested in our mission of connecting caring citizens with worthy community causes across the Greater Washington region. Among these were two new corporate portal partners, including our first university partner.

The Catalogue expanded its full-time staff in 2012, to include a Community Partnerships Coordinator, in addition to the Executive Assistant to the President, who started in 2011. The team of four (plus a webmaster and part-time social media coordinator) works closely together to spread the word about Catalogue nonprofits and strength the Catalogue nonprofit community.

Finally, in 2012 the Catalogue passed the $19 million mark for total dollars raised for Catalogue nonprofits since 2002. This is a significant milestone for us, and we’re looking forward to celebrating ten years of the Catalogue’s success at our annual event — Inspiration to Action — next week. While we’re proud of the accomplishments behind us, we hope to increase those successes exponentially in the decade to come. We hope you’ll join us in the effort.

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