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Growing Your Nonprofit Online

Google seems to be on the front lines of everything these days. This week, Google hosted a forum on “Getting Your Business Online” in DC — one in a series of small business growth workshops hosted by Google across the country. While the Catalogue and its member nonprofits are not strictly “small businesses”, the growth of small nonprofits mirrors that of small for-profits in many ways. We all struggle with building an online presence and continually spreading the word about our services. (Google also offers special products and services to nonprofits, many at a discount – something worth looking into!)

Catalogue staff attended the workshop on February 12th, and took away some great tips for making the most of our online presence:

- A variety of tools are available online for monitoring who visits your website, where they come from, and which pages they visit most often. While ‘web analytics’ may sound like an intimidating term, tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster can break the stats down into digestible nuggets of information that any business owner or nonprofit ED can understand.

- Even if you don’t buy into the Google suite of tools, Google Alerts can help you keep tabs on your unearned online presence. You can create an Alert (for free) that will notify you any time your nonprofit or business name appears on the web — a great way to keep tabs on potential PR hits and misses.

- Google AdWords is one tool that offers special deals for nonprofits — check out Google Grants to apply for free advertising through Google AdWords. If you’re approved, you can create a Google AdWords campaign for free and promote your organization in the ads that pop up at the top of search pages.

Again, whether Google is your online guru of choice or not, staying in tune with the latest trends in online business/nonprofit growth and promotion can have huge benefits for your organization. For more information on resources from Google, as well as registration information for the upcoming GYBO session in Falls Church, VA, check out

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