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Guest Post: Horton’s Kids

Today we’re shining a spotlight on Horton’s Kids (a recent winner of a Washington Post Charities Award and City Paper’s 2013 Best NonProfit) to find out what they’re most excited for this year and congratulate them on their 25th Anniversary!

Horton’s Kids: Celebrating 25 Years

by Kristin Frontiera

This year is an exciting one for Horton’s Kids! We are thrilled to be celebrating our 25th anniversary, an incredible milestone for our organization and the children and families we serve.

We kicked off the celebratory year over the weekend, with a dedication of the Horton’s Kids Community Resource Center to our founder, Karin Walser. This look back at the organization’s early days was a reunion of some of our earliest volunteers and the children who first joined Karin on weekend field trips! As the organization grew to include tutoring, meals, and basic needs items like shoes, coats, and glasses, Horton’s Kids served more and more children. Last year, for example, Horton’s Kids reached 676 children through tutoring, older youth programming, summer camp, and the many support services delivered at the Community Resource Center. (We blogged about the March 2012 renovation of the Community Resource Center on the Catalogue blog here!)

In addition to the many services offered in the Community Resource Center, Horton’s Kids continues to bring the children out of their isolated neighborhood into the heart of this amazing city! We are just a couple weeks into our 13th year of tutoring on Capitol Hill, and Horton’s Kids has already enrolled 120 children! With support through The Washington Post Charities, a fund of the McCormick Foundation, Horton’s Kids continues to deliver three evenings of one-on-one tutoring for children in grades K through 6.

Horton’s Kids is targeting our younger readers this year, as children need to be reading on or above grade level by third grade, or they’ll always be behind. We use a research-based intervention model, developed at the University of Virginia, that moves readers along a sequence, so they can really focus on what they need to learn, rather than what their grade level dictates. Children spend the 90-minute tutoring sessions working on reading and math skills through fun and interactive games with their dedicated volunteer tutors.

To learn more about volunteering at Horton’s Kids, visit In addition to tutoring, volunteers can work with older youth on homework help, join the children on weekend field trips, and more!

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