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Celebrating Meyer Foundation’s Julie Rogers

Last night, Catalogue President Barbara Harman joined other leaders in the DC nonprofit community to celebrate the work of Julie Rogers, President and CEO of the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation, who will be stepping down from her position after 28 years of leadership.

The event, held at the Carnegie Institution for Science, included performances and tributes from grantees (such as 2013-2014 Catalogue charity DC Scores), past and present board members, and staff.

Reflecting on the event and Meyer Foundation’s impact on the Catalogue for Philanthropy under Julie Roger’s leadership, Barbara said:

“I met many people in the assembled group who talked about the impact that a Meyer grant had had on their organization: Meyer’s stamp of approval was critical in their growth. We can say the same at the Catalogue: Meyer gave us our VERY FIRST grant and has been a loyal funder and partner since the Catalogue began in 2003.?Meyer trusted us, even when we were new guys in town, and their support grew over the years.

Julie’s faith was sustaining. Now she is heading off on a new journey, passing the baton, as smart leaders do, to someone she has great faith in and in whose hands she has confidence the Meyer Foundation will continue to grow — Nicky Goren, former head of The Women’s Foundation. Julie ended her brief remarks with the word Namaste, a greeting that means both hello and farewell. We wish Julie the best of best wishes as she embarks on the next phase of her journey. She will be missed!”

Best wishes to Julie Rogers from the entire Catalogue for Philanthropy team!

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