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Welcome to Wednesday, Greater Washington! Non-profits news to come …

DC Collaborative Congratulates Mayor’s Arts Awardees — Many Catalogue cheers to the 2011 winners, who were announced last week at the Kennedy Center! A winner in 2007 for Innovation in the Arts, the Capital Fringe took home this year’s award for Excellence in Service to the Arts. Now in its 32nd year, Dance Place received a well-deserved nod for Outstanding Contribution to Arts Education. Congratulations!

Low Health Literacy May Have Deadly ConsequencesWebMD Health News reported yesterday that, according to a new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association, “nearly one in five people with heart failure have low health literacy, making them more than twice as likely to die as a result of their condition … even after adjusting for other risk factors, such as age, heart pumping ability, and coexisting illnesses.” (Learn more about Catalogue’s Health non-profits, who are working to improve access to care and education)

Earth Day Celebration Gets a Social-Network Twist — How about a fun and simple way to bring folks together around a cause? This past Earth Day, the Nature Conservancy “organized a Picnic for the Planet, encouraging people to go outside on Friday and celebrate nature by enjoying a meal with friends, relatives, or neighbors — an appeal to those who like the smell of soil but not necessarily under their fingernails.” According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, they asked “picnic-goers to share photos and videos from the events #picnic11.”

How To Make Philanthropy A Family Affair — Forbes recently published this piece on family and multigenerational giving in the context of the baby boomer generation’s retirement. This piece of advice jumped out: “The families I work with often find that philanthropy is an excellent way to teach the next generation about financial stewardship in the context of giving back … proper modeling of family philanthropy can help children understand wealth not as an identity but rather as a tool they can use to make the world a better place.”

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