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“What’s Up Wednesday” 9.03.2014

Just because it’s a short workweek doesn’t mean Catalogue charities are doing any less across Greater Washington. From training coaches for youth sports programs, to encouraging reading among at-risk students, to providing legal aid to help people keep their homes…September is off to a remarkable start (see video here)!

DC SCORES was all-hands-on-deck preparing for their #CoachKickoff on Saturday! Coaches like Popsie (pictured) make their program work!DC_SCORES

CityDance artists rehearsed for the CityDance faculty artist’s show “Fresh Visions!”CityDance

Literacy Lab’s DC Reading Corps blogged about adjusting to a new placement site in their blog post “Board Masters: Making Connections at our New School One Bulletin Board at a Time.”.


Bishop T. Walker School for Boys?(new ’14-’15 charity) read aloud to one another in the afternoon!


The Legal Counsel for the Elderly and partner Zuckerman Spaeder helped an elderly woman who fell victim to a housing scam save her home. Wow!Legal Council for the Elderly_ms mack

Catalogue charities Generation Hope (new ’14-’15 charity) and the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project were at American University’s community involvement fair!


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