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Collaboration in Bloom

Conversations around “Collective Impact” and “Nonprofit Collaboration” continue to gain traction as more and more funders and nonprofits see the progress that happens when organizations gather together to leverage their collective resources, networks, and knowledge.

At the Catalogue, we hear countless examples of our nonprofits joining together to collaborate, innovate, and accomplish big goals. And since we believe in the power of nonprofits to spark big change, we want to help them leverage the power of collaboration as much as possible. Beginning in April, the Catalogue for Philanthropy will be debuting several new features on our website to promote nonprofit collaboration.

Collaborative Fundraising Campaigns
Collaborative Fundraising Campaigns (1)Our Collaborative Campaigns encourage the Catalogues network of 350+ charities to use their collective impact to tackle important issues in Greater Washington. With a common, clear goal in mind, two or more Catalogue nonprofits can fundraise together to achieve that goal. When a donor makes a gift to the campaign, funds are split evenly across the participating organizations. We’re excited to debut our Collaborative Campaigns this Thursday, April 7th with Girls on the Run councils of Greater Washington (DC, Montgomery County, and Northern Virginia). You can preview their campaign for healthy & strong girls here.

Collaboration Corner Blog
Our Collaboration Corner blog posts will feature perspectives from two or more nonprofits that give readers an inside look at the collaborative process. From learning how the organizations came together, to what issue(s) they’re trying to tackle, any benefits/challenges along the way, and how the public can get involved in supporting their efforts, this blog not only serves to inform our community, but also nonprofits looking to glean “lessons learned” in the process of collaboration.

We’re excited to debut these features in April, and hope you’ll support those organizations collaborating with one another to create a greater, Greater Washington.

Want to get involved with a fundraiser, or submit a blog post? Contact us at

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