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In The News … (More!)

Expanding upon yesterday’s post, check out more news coverage for our non-profits!

What do women really want? — Earlier in April, Joan Kuriansky, executive director of Wider Opportunities for Women, contributed this opinion piece to Politico, addressing the unique concerns of women voters in this election cycle. She points out that “female voters, like men, are focused on the economy. But women care about kitchen-table issues — investments in public education, affordable health insurance, protecting Social Security, equal pay enforcement, minimum wage increases and job training … Polling shows women are more concerned than men that family income will not be enough to meet basic expenses.” But has either party addressed those concerns directly?

DC Students Take To Youtube To Talk Teen Pregnancy — In case you missed the DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy on WAMU last week, you can listen right here and learn about their Youth Leadership Task Force. Every few weeks, a group of high school-aged girls “produce their own video with a message … In the past, they’ve tackled heavy topics like bullying and unprotected sex.” The current video focuses on” body image, and helping teens embrace their imperfections … working on this video is a great way to reach teens that would normally turn away from this kind of advice if it came from an adult.”

Rags at The Theatre Lab – In the MetroWeekly Spotlight is … The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts, which “is offering a production of the little-known 1986 musical Rags” from now through April 23; “the story focuses on the arrival of Jewish immigrants to New York City in the early part of the last century.” Also check out DC Theater Scene’s “Rags — from auditions to opening night,” which profiles several of the local stars who have “made it through auditions and rehearsals, and are about to hit the stage.”

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