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Feature of the Month: Recap

Now that we’ve announced our 10th Catalogue nonprofit class, along with eighteen nonprofits who will be re-featured on the Catalogue website, we thought that this might be a good time to recap our past “Features of the Month.” Here are some quick and fun ways to explore the Catalogue site and learn more about our network of over 350 nonprofits:

Happenings (March 2012): read features of our nonprofits in the press and get the details on upcoming local events.

Request A Catalogue (February 2012): request a print Catalogue (the next one is coming out in December!) or download and print directly from our site.

Advanced Search (January 2012): search our nonprofits by a range of fields, including area served, target population, and neighborhood.

Gift Cards (December 2011): looking for a birthday or, say, Father’s Day gift? Consider giving some philanthropy.

E-Links (November 2011): find volunteer and media information or watch a video about a particular nonprofit in this section.

Gift Registry (October 2011): combine philanthropy and celebration by creating a Catalogue gift registry in a few speedy steps.

Create an Account (September 2011): walk through the first (very simple) step in customizing your Catalogue online experience.

Event Search (August 2011): search by date, location, and type (arts, outdoors, or volunteer?) for a nearby event at a Catalogue nonprofit.

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