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Tenant Profile

By Housing Unlimited, Silver Spring, MD

Steve Lindstrom, 47 years old, born in Los Angeles California, moved to the Montgomery County area at age 5.

Lindstrom’s therapist helped him apply to Housing Unlimited, and shortly thereafter he received the call. “Life before HUI to life now has been a big change. Before I was living in a program-type of environment, and to live independently has been very positive.” With his family close by, Lindstrom has been living in his particular Housing Unlimited home for close to two years.

He expresses gratitude for his kind housemates, and his comfortable living accommodations. In this quiet Germantown neighborhood, Lindstrom thrives in his independent living situation. “I have been working on some goals of mine … I have been able to overcome a lot of obstacles, working on being the person I want to be … I have been able to quit smoking because I feel so comfortable here. Just before I quit, I sat right here, and I looked at my surroundings and I decided, I could handle it, I am in a safe place, and I was able to quit.”

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5 Year Plan

by Adam Tibe (Philippines, Class 8 serving at Operation Smile)
Reposted with permission of Atlas Service Corps, Washington DC

At 27 and ambitious, I have sketched my life’s plan in the next 5 years.

I guess soon after you hit the quarter life, that’s when you start seriously to rethink about your life and make a mental note reflecting circumspectly about your direction both personally and professionally.

I have arrived in the United States last January to join an 18-month professional fellowship program. This has been part of my “5-year plan” and being able to tick it out in my list excites me more than anybody. It was also a sweet bonus to learn that I will be serving with Operation Smile International as one of their Program Coordinators. The organization works in more than 60 countries and brings free medical surgeries to children with facial deformities especially those with cleft lips and cleft palates. Another box is set to be marked off — trip around the world! I went on my first mission last month in San Cristobal, Mexico and had a real awesome time with some of the most amazing in-country and international volunteers. It was incredible to see an unmatched level of professional skills coupled with passion and dedication to serve the children in that part of the world that otherwise may not have had the opportunity to have a normal smile and life if not for Operation Smile. Without a doubt, I more convinced that I made the right decision to volunteer. The happiness I felt to be there was simply irreplaceable.

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